Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Artist of the Week

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise in my inbox. John Wahlers, one of our Pele artists and my fabulous hubby, is featured on Shellie Lewis' blog as her artist of the week. John and I collaborated on a project last year to create the Path to Enlightenment prints. The series is based on the Buddhist Diamond realm mandala, and the prints not-so-subtly point out our modern obsession with the corporate world and consumerism.

Path to Enlightenment, ed.8, 2011
40"x36", photo lithograph/relief/hand painting

In the studio, printing the edition

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jessie Van der Laan at Pele Prints

Work in progress

Jessie Van der Laan is a long-time friend of Pele, and I'm so excited that she is finally printing with us! Last week we had a whirlwind printing session for two days. We started some great work, and she'll be heading back to the studio later this summer to finish up. The imagery is all based in snarls and tangles, juxtaposed with quiet open spaces. Together, I think the prints are reminiscent of tumbleweed and windstorms. Check back later this summer to see the finished pieces.

Jessie at the press