Sunday, March 10, 2019

Back to School

By Amanda Verbeck

Last week I had the chance to head back to my elementary school as a visiting artist. I haven't been there for over 25 years, so it had changed quite a bit. But there are always those things that are familiar—the gym with its stage, a tornado drill, the morning announcements, and even the path that I used everyday to walk to school from my grandparents' house.

It was a full day with twelve classes of Kindergarten through 5th Grade. I started each class with a question: What is art? There were so many great answers. Art is creativity and imagination. Art is colorful. Art is a way to express your feelings, ideas, and emotions. Art is playful and fun. Art is whatever you want it to be.

I brought along a sampling of prints from Pele collaborations, along with some of my own work. I also had plates and printmaking tools to pass around so we could talk about process. All in all, it was a great visit back to school. Many thanks to my good friend and Point Elementary teacher Alisha Oetting for recommending me for Fine Arts Day!