Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Finding a balance in my life has been an ongoing lesson for me for some time now. In fact, I'm pretty sure this will be a life-long journey. As a natural "workaholic," I have to remind myself to slow down and take time for me on a regular basis. Work/life balance.

All of this said, I'm always looking for tips and ideas to help me along. Grace Bonney runs Design*Sponge (a great design blog) and hosts After the Jump (a super informative podcast for makers). In one of her recent episodes, she breaks down ten tips for being a more happy and productive business owner and person. Most of these we already know, but the reminder is crucial. So, here they are...wise words to live by:

1 - Collaborate
2 - Build a support system
3 - Time off is not a luxury, it's a necessity
4 - Stay inspired...go back to the well
5 - Trust your gut and feelings
6 - Be inspired by your competition
7 - Always be learning
8 - Ask for and accept help
10 - Do a brain dump at the end of every day

Check out the full episode for all the details.

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