Monday, September 28, 2015

In the Studio

"Keep your shop and your shop will keep you." – Benjamin Franklin

Studios can be amazing and mysterious places. As an artist, sometimes it's hard to step back and see this creative space with fresh, non-artist eyes. There are two great opportunities in St. Louis right now to get a glimpse into the workings of an artist's studio. The Saint Louis Art Museum has a wonderful exhibition titled The Artist and the Modern Studio that highlights "works that reflect the remarkably diverse approaches to representing the studio environment and the activities that take place there." The exhibit is up until January 3, 2016. And coming up the first weekend in October, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is holding their tenth annual Open Studios event. Over 170 local artists will open their studios to visitors, giving the public a unique opportunity to meet artists and see where they work.

In the spirit of opening up the studio, I wanted to share a few images of artists working at Pele Prints:

Benjamin Guffee

Ken Wood

Mary O'Malley

Benjamin Pierce

Jessie Van der Laan

If you're interested in seeing more studios, here are a few links to explore:

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