Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lambert Art of Travel Print Anniversary

A year ago at Pele Prints, we were busy putting the final touches on our prints for the Lambert International Airport Art of Travel event. If you didn't hear about this great project at the time, let's fill you in!

As part of the airport renovation, old copper roof tiles were given to three local printshops (including Pele Prints) for inspiration to create an edition of prints. Sales of the prints helped support the Art & Culture program at Lambert. We made a series of whimsical folded paper airplanes, printed with flight paths and airport codes. The process of making the prints was documented with photos and descriptions on the flySTLprints blog, so be sure to check out the details there.

More details about the project can also be found here:
- STL Magazine, "Local Printmakers Create Work Using Old Copper Roof Tiles"
- Stuck at the Airport, "Art Made from the Roof of Lambert"
- Fox 2, "Lambert Airport's old copper roof salvaged, turned into art prints"

This year's Art of Travel event features jewelry artists who have also used the copper roof tiles for their creations. The annual party is coming up on October 1 from 6-9p, and you can purchase tickets here.

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