Monday, August 29, 2016

The Treehouse Project

With two amazing nephews (not that I'm biased), the idea of a treehouse has crossed my mind more than once. And every now and then I need a good excuse to build/make something that isn't a print. Enter my youngest nephew's birthday this Spring. As I started searching the interwebs for inspiration, I came across some amazing structures. With my interest in architecture and natural spaces, one of my favorites is this sweet wooden treehouse pod in Whistler, Canada designed by Joel Allen.

HemLoft treehouse, Joel Allen

Alas, after talking to my brother-in-law about it, I realized that a full-sized treehouse was not meant to be right now. A girl can still dream though. So I started looking at miniature options. After seeing the incredible creations from artist Jedediah Voltz, I decided I could make something small and unique.

Somewhere Small, Jedediah Voltz

So I set out designing a tree-play-doll-house. After lots of trial and error, collecting of materials, and a fair amount of wood glue, I finished! It's complete with woodland friends, a winding staircase, rope ladder, and bucket for sharing goodies between levels. And best of all, both of my nephews love it.

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